Local Stores Rally In Aid Of Hope Restored


Subway has long been an amazing supporter of Hope Restored and continue to do so. Providing us with a twice weekly delivery to our drop-in of an entire tray of delicious sandwiches and fresh bread for us to distribute and free meal coupons are also provided, both donations of which we are extremely grateful for.


But now we are happy to announce that local Greggs & KFC stores are operating a scheme to help us help the homeless and needy.


Both Greggs and KFC provide us with multiple weekly donations of food from their stores, for us to distribute. Sandwiches, cakes and pastries head our way from Greggs local store in Mostyn Street, at least twice a week, but more if we need it. KFC provide us with a large selection of cooken chicken products, freshly frozen and ready for us to use.








We would like to take this opportunity to thank these local stores for their brilliant support, and hope that it continues as long as we need it.